Protecting your peace of mind.

In a world where house fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and break-ins are growing increasingly prevalent, Eco is here to provide a secure solution to protect you and your family.  You can rest assured that our passion and years of experience will give you peace of mind for you and your family 24/7.

Our systems start from the way we wire (or don’t wire) our security packages.  We don’t use a traditional phone line like most other companies. Your Eco system is connected wirelessly through the cell network, which ensures the system can report fires & burglaries, even when phone lines have been cut or are disabled.

When an alarm event occurs, your system will wirelessly transmit a signal to the Eco monitoring station and we alert local authorities, all while keeping you notified as well.  Whether you are at work, across town, or on vacation across the world, you can be sure to know that your home will be well protected while you’re away.

Smart phone apps also let you stay connected through your mobile phone or web enabled device.

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Keep your wallet safe.

We were created to serve you. Our customers are our most important assets and their positive experiences are our priority. We countinuously provide the best value in home security and we promise to beat out the competitor.  We aim to help you save money, live more efficiently and sleep more soundly.  We love hearing positive feedback from our customers on how our products and services have benefited their lives.

eco was created with the you in mind and with the slogan “keep your system and lower your bill” ™.  We found something very interesting…people love saving money!  After a few experiences with customers ranting and raving to their friends and family about how much they love their system eco was born. It starts with you  and we are committed to keeping your business for a lifetime.

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